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What is Arm Lock Putting?

Arm Lock Golf putting was created and approved for official play by the USGA after the ban of using an “anchor point” while putting in 2016. “Traditional” Arm Lock putters require golfers to purchase an expensive $300-$400 dedicated putter to use the Arm Lock Technique.

Our AL Series Putter Grips (AL2 and CVTR) will convert ANY putter you already own to an Arm-Lock putter by just changing the grip. A $24 solution. Put it on any existing putter you have and try it out to see if Arm Lock putting is for you. 

A golfers putter, putter grip, and putting technique is a personal preference. It’s essential for every golfer to find out what works best for them. If you’re struggling to maintain consistency on the green, try an ARM-LOCK putter grip.

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AL2 Converter for Arm-Lock Putting

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What is an Arm Lock Putter? What is an Arm-Lock Converter Grip?

An Arm-Lock Putter is a putter that golfers “lock” against their forearm which physically prevents them from “breaking” their wrists.

When under pressure, golfers accidentally break their wrists during their putt. Using an Arm Lock putter takes this issue out of the equation.

At ARM-LOCK Golf, our AL Series grips (AL2 and CVTR) convert ANY putter you already own to an Arm Lock putter.

If you’re struggling on the green to make the putts you want, try our PGA award winning USGA approved AL2 or CVTR converter grip and experience the difference for yourself. 

Professional golfers such as Matt Kuchar, Bryson DeChambeau, Webb Simson, Keegan Bradley, Bubba Watson, Adam Scott, Lucas Glover and Jason Dufner can be spotted using the Arm Lock putting technique.

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