What is Arm Lock Putting?

Arm Lock Golf putting was created and approved for official play by the USGA after the ban of using an “anchor point” while putting in 2016. “Traditional” Arm Lock putters require golfers to purchase an expensive $300-$400 dedicated putter to use the Arm Lock Technique.

AL2 Converter for Arm-Lock Putting

USGA Approved. Designed for putting against the forearm (as seen by Matt Kucher & Bryson DeChambeau).

Increases loft by 2-3 degrees, negating the de-lofting which occurs due to forward shaft lean.

The AL2 is a bona fide alternative for anchor-putting devotees seeking stability they are accustomed to.


Our AL Series Putter Grips (AL2 and CVTR) will convert ANY putter you already own to an Arm-Lock putter by just changing the grip. A $24 solution. Put it on any existing putter you have and try it out to see if Arm Lock putting is for you.