PuttAIM Laser Training Aid

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Get ready to dominate the greens like never before. 

Making more putts is essential to improving your golf game. If you talk to any good golf coach, they’ll tell you that putting is one part alignment and one part speed. PuttAIM is a revolutionary laser putting aid designed to fix your alignment. If you learn how to line up correctly and keep your club on the right line, you will sink more putts

This putting training aid is used by PGA Pros & golf coaches to fix alignment right off the bat. It forces you to practice squaring the club face, and you can see your club path on the right line.

We designed this putting alignment aid with high-quality 100% solid aluminum because we hate all the cheap plastic putting aids out there. This one’s made to last.

The cup attached to the base of the laser is the same size as a regulation-size cup, so you can easily practice making real-world putts in your own living room.

PuttAIM laser is meant to be used indoors, but can be used outside in a shaded environment. The laser beam is as strong as we could engineer it without causing physical damage (yes, we’re serious).

Golfers both pro and amateur love how quickly they see improvement in their putting game. You’ll be amazed at what just 5-10 minutes a day will do.


Sturdy metal construction
Easy to pack up and take with you
Adjustable laser
Regulation-size cup
Strong & visible laser beam
Designed for indoor training
Can be used outside if not too sunny


PuttAIM Laser Training Aid
Water-resistant carrying case
2 rechargeable batteries
Ball marker