Arm Lock 17" AL2 Converter Grip

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Arm Lock Putter Grip

⛳ USGA Certified Professional Arm-Lock Technique Putter Grip. Install on your regular, belly, or broom putter and rest the grip against your forearm to provide the stability you are looking for

⛳ Reduces hands variability in your stroke, providing more balance and a unique feeling in your hands due to equally distributed weight (292g) across the entirety of the grip. A completely different feel from standard butt-end heavy grips where golfers get handsy

⛳ Jumbo size 17’’ extended length (compared to standard 10.5’’ length) provides substantially larger grip for more flexibility

⛳ Adds 2-3 degrees of loft correction when held against the forearm, negating the de-lofting which occurs due to forward shaft lean when the putter grip rests against the forearm, allowing for conversion to an Arm-Lock Putter

⛳ Clean Design – Featuring a clean white golf putter grip with blue and black, this pro putter grip pairs great with any brand putter

Each grip is a USGA Approved Professional Grip designed to provide the player a feeling of enhanced control with more balance that physically feels good in the hands by significantly increasing the grip mass and evenly distributing weight across the entirety of the grip. This reduces the amount of hands variability in each stroke, providing a feeling of more balance. Each grip has a different feel that varies based on your preferred putting style 

The AL2 is designed for Arm-Lock Putting against the forearm with the logo facing forward (seen by Matt Kucher and Bryson DeChambeau). The converter grip replaces the grip on a belly, broomstick, or regular Putter. The bore in the grip, or shaft channel, is angled so that the shaft aligns with your forearm which increases the loft by 2-3 degrees, negating the de-lofting which occurs due to forward shaft lean when the Putter Grip rests against the forearm. The AL2 is a bona fide alternative for anchor-putting devotees seeking a method that provides the stability they are accustomed to. Grip Length 17” Top/Bottom Diameter 1.75”/1.00” Weight 292g