19.5" CounterBalance Grip V1 - Not for USGA Tournament Play

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Oversized Putter Grips

This grip has the Logo letters slightly indented which makes it "non-conforming" for play during sanctioned USGA tournaments. The weight, length, balance and feel is identical to our BIG RED grip which is a conforming USGA putter grip.

⛳ Install on your standard, extended, belly or broom putter for a good jumbo size grip feeling in your hands

⛳ Jumbo 19.5’’ extended length compared to 10’’ standard length provides that big grip feeling. The additional length and weight improve the feeling and reaction of your putter, especially at short distances

⛳ Reduces hands variability in your stroke, providing more balance and a unique feeling in your hands due to equally distributed weight across the entirety of the grip. No more handsy putter strokes

⛳ Substantial & well-distributed weight at 185g helps to eliminate handsy strokes. The RX series grips has its weight evenly distributed across the body. Provides a smooth stroke every time feel

⛳ Clean red/ /black design and high-quality materials. This 19.5’’ long flat putter grip is competitively-priced and made with materials that are built to last

The BIG RED grip is our heaviest and largest grip at 185g and 19.5’’. Putting with a large grip provides stability and control that helps eliminate pushes and pulls when the pressure is on the green and the yips come on. The RX series BIG RED grip has its weight evenly distributed across the body. Measuring 19.5’’, this high-quality large-style grip provides significantly more control than any standard 10.5’’ grip. The BIG RED offers a unique feeling – a weighted blanket for your putter and your scoring club! Grip Length 19.5” Top/Bottom Diameter 1.75”/1.25” Weight 185g