Best Arm Lock Putters (And An Alternative Option You May Not Know About!)

Best Arm Lock Putters (And An Alternative Option You May Not Know About!)

Do you ever struggle with consistency in your putting stroke? Have you felt like you can putt really well for a few rounds and then just completely lose it? 

If that's the case, you are not alone. 

The key to becoming a great putter is to learn how to putt consistently. To do that, you need a stroke you can repeat. That's where the arm lock putting method comes in. 

However, unlike golf grips like the cross handed or the reverse overlap, arm lock putting takes a unique approach that requires a longer putter with a special grip. We will show you what to look for in a great arm lock putter, an affordable arm lock choice on the market, and a secret weapon for those who are not ready to purchase a new putter just yet. 

What To Look For In a Great Arm Lock Putter 

When shopping for an arm lock putter, there are a few things that you have to have in place. 

Arm lock putting is designed to make the game easier on you, but you have to match the equipment to your needs. 

Blade vs. Mallet Style 

With arm lock putters, you will have the option for both blade and mallet styles. If you have more of an arc style stroke, the blade style putter is better for you.

The mallet style putters tend to be more balanced in the center and allow for a straighter face angle throughout the entire stroke. 

This means if you are a golfer who tries to keep the club on a more straight back and straight through path, the mallet is a great choice. 

If you have more of an arc style stroke, the blade style putter is a better decision. Blades allow you to open and close the clubface so it squares at impact. 

Grip Style 

An arm lock putter grip is needed to putt with the arm lock style. The arm lock putter grips are longer than standard, usually around 17 inches. The arm lock style grips are also going to have a wider diameter to ensure that wrist movement is kept to a minimum. 

Look for a grip that has a bit of a tacky texture to it in order to keep your hands in place. 

Putter Length 

Most arm lock putter models are available in 39,40,41 and 42 inches. Putter length can vary based on the individual and the manufacturer, but you will see putters longer than the standard 34 or 35 inches we see in conventional putters. 

Alignment Lines 

Another important feature of any arm lock putter is the alignment lines. With the proper alignment lines, you will feel more confident that you are aimed at your target. 

Arm lock putters make you more consistent and more stable; let's make sure the ball is now rolling in the right direction! 

Best Affordable Arm Lock Putter- BEWICK'D Blade Arm Lock Putter 

Not only are arm lock putters hard to find in certain styles, but they can also be kind of expensive. If you want something affordable that allows you to try this putter method, the BEWICK'D Blade Putter is a great selection. 

The plumbers neck BEWICK'D putter is a tour inspired classic blade style with a milled 303 stainless steel construction. The milled construction allows for a great combination of feedback and a smooth feel. 

With the triple line aiming tool on the top of the BEWICK'D Blade Arm Lock putter, you will have complete confidence in the fact that you are aimed directly at your target. 

The blade style makes the BEWICK'D Blade best for golfers who have a moderate amount of arc in their putting stroke. These putters come in lengths ranging from 39 to 42" and can be customized with a specialized Arm Lock putter grip from SuperStroke or an Arm Lock Golf grip.

Who Will Benefit:

If you are a golfer who is tired of inconsistency on the greens and you need a putting tool that you can rely on, the BEWICK'D Blade Arm Lock is the one. For a fair price, you can try a reliable (and tour-tested) technique that could bring your putting game to the next level. 

Best Arm Lock Converter Grip 

If you are currently playing with a putter you like or just purchased, the idea of tossing it into the extra bag in the garage may not be all that appealing. That's where the Arm Lock AL2 putter grip comes into play. 

With this putter grip (and a shaft extender), you can turn any golf putter into an arm lock putter. 

The AL2 putter grip is a USGA Certified arm lock grip that helps improve overall balance and stability in your hands. The AL2 is a jumbo-size grip that is 17 inches long and offers flexible performance, allowing you to place your hands where you see fit. 

However, the most important feature of the AL2 is the 2-3 degrees of loft correction that the putter grip offers. When holding a putter in the arm lock position, a forward shaft lean occurs in order to rest the putter on the forearm. 

The forward shaft lean will deloft the putter. With too much delofting, you may notice issues with consistency, but the AL2 fixes this completely. 

The AL2 also has quite a bit of weight to it, allowing you to feel as though you are in control of the putter head. Proper weighting is an important feature on both short and long putts. 

Who Will Benefit: 

The Arm Lock AL2 putter grip is the best solution on the market for golfers who are looking to convert their current putter to an arm lock putter. You will save hundreds of dollars and get the same tour-proven consistency and stability that an arm lock putter can give you. 

The Arm Lock AL2 putter grip can be installed at home following our simple instructions, or you can have a professional do it for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions about the best arm lock putters. 

Who uses an arm lock putter on the PGA Tour?

The most frequently referred to user of the arm lock putting style is Bryson Dechambeau. However, Xander Schauffele and Matt Kuchar have also been known to use the arm lock style. 

Can any putter be an arm lock putter?

With the use of the Arm Lock AL2 converter grip, any putter can be turned into an arm lock putter. The converter grip helps to negate the delofting that occurs when a putter rests against the forearm. 

Is arm lock putting an advantage?

Arm lock putting gives you the ability to rest the upper part of your golf grip against your forearm. This is a tremendous advantage when it comes to stability and consistency in the stroke. In addition, with arm lock putting, it's much easier to remove your wrists from the equation. 

Final Thoughts 

Hopefully, you found that the best arm lock putters may actually be the putter you are currently using. With the AL2 converter grip as an option, you don't have to make a major change here, to see a big impact in your game.