CounterBalance (RX Series)

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CounterBalance Putter Grip

⛳ USGA Certified Professional Standard Technique Putter Grip. Install on your standard putter for a good large-grip feeling in your hands, completely different than butt-end heavy grips

⛳ Reduces hands variability in your stroke, providing more balance and a unique feeling in your hands due to equally distributed weight (235g) across the entirety of the grip. No more handsy putter strokes

⛳ Large 14.5’’ extended length compared to 10’’ standard length provides more flexibility and can be used with a number of different putting styles

⛳ Substantial & well-distributed weight at 235g helps to eliminate handsy strokes. The RX series grips has its weight evenly distributed across the body. Provides a smooth stroke every time feel

⛳ Clean red/white/black design and high-quality materials. This 14.5’’ long flat putter grip is competitively-priced and made with materials that are built to last

Each grip is a USGA Approved Professional Grip designed to provide the player a feeling of enhanced control with more balance that physically feels good in the hands by significantly increasing the grip mass and evenly distributing weight across the entirety of the grip. This reduces the amount of hands variability in each stroke, providing a feeling of more balance. Each grip has a different feel that varies based on your preferred putting style 

The CB Professional grip provides the same substantial mass feeling by distributing the weight 235g across the entirety of the grip, but is designed for the regular putting technique. While most golf putter grips are butt-heavy, the RX series counterbalance putter grip has its weight evenly distributed across its body. Measuring 14.5’’, this high-quality large-style grip provides significantly more control than the standard 10.5’’ grip length. control in the hands of the golfer instead of the standard 10.5’’ putter grip length.